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Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

This section has been created for your convenience and does not replace the ongoing communication necessary for good client-landlord relations. You can refer to this list as a general answer to your questions, but also consult your lease, as some leases may have different guidelines on these issues. Your lease always supersedes any answers given here.

Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions:

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What do I do if I have a roof leak? (click on question to open/close answer)

First check to make sure that the leak is not coming from condensation on pipes or from your air-conditioning system. If that is the case, you should call a repair company to check your system. Although repair of this type of leak is a tenant responsibility, we need to be notified of the situation and its resolution in a timely manner.

If the leak is coming from your roof, please call Horizon Property Group right away. Make efforts to protect your merchandise and furnishings until a service person arrives. We will do all that we can to have your space in good working order as soon as possible.

My toilet is overflowing into my retail space. What do I do?

If the overflow is confined to your space and is in your toilet or the line inside your space, it is a tenant responsibility. If the overflow causes any damage, Horizon Property Group needs to be notified in a timely manner.

If the overflow seems to be caused by a back-up or clog in the main line, please notify Horizon Property Group immediately and we will make arrangements for the repair.

Who do I call if the trashcan outside my retail space needs to be emptied?

Just click here to inform us of the situation and we will dispatch a maintenance crew member to empty the trash.

Who is responsible for problems with the heating or air conditioning unit?

Your heating and air conditioning unit is warranted for the first year of your lease. If you have a problem with your unit during that first year, you can contact Horizon Property Group for maintenance and/or repair.

If the problem occurs after your one-year warranty period has expired, maintaining and repairing the unit is a tenant responsibility and you should arrange to have the unit serviced, repaired or replaced if necessary.

How should I notify you if there is graffiti or other vandalism in the center?

Please notify us immediately if you notice any kind of graffiti or vandalism in the center.

What do I do if there is a car parked illegally in the center parking lot?

What do I do if I notice a car parked for a long period of time (more than 48 hours) in the parking lot?

What do I do if I notice a car with a “For Sale” signs parked in the lot?

Please contact Horizon Property Group and we will take care of getting the car moved.

How do I report a pot hole?

What do I do when I notice that exterior light bulbs need to be replaced?

Who is responsible for glass breakage in the center?

Repairing broken glass is the responsibility of the tenant. However, if the glass breakage was due to vandalism, please notify Horizon Property Group in addition to having your broken glass repaired.

Do you have a list of recommended service providers?

Although we do not endorse or guarantee the work of these outside service providers, we are happy to give you the contact information for a number of companies who have conducted satisfactory work for Horizon Property Group in the past:

National Cabinets: 317-859-7879
Excel Group Cabinets: 330-336-0317
Carpet Cleaners
Kleen-It Corporation: 317-842-9577
Access Electric: 317-965-5953
Network Electric: 317-889-3945
Flooring companies
Carpet Country (ask for Lisa): 317-888-3501
Paul’s Marble and Tile: 317-883-8009
Glass replacement
ASAP Windows and Door (ask for Tim Ross): 317-412-3445
HVAC repairmen
Bob and Jim’s: 317-691-0080
JMI Mechanical Services: 317-243-7180
Steve Pickett, McGowan Insurance: 317-464-5000 or 800-934-2512
Jerry Day: 317-403-6183
Marble/ granite providers
Paul’s Marble and Tile: 317-883-8009
Dan Hickey, Natural Stone Creations: 317-859-0505
ASAP Windows and Door (ask for Tim Ross): 317-412-3445
Painters (interior)
Paula Coleman, Perk Designs
Steve Anderson: 317-531-8775
Remodeling (interior)
Horizon Property Group: 317-459-0466
Dr. Restoration: 317-787-1911
Ritz Roofing: 317-535-5767